There are different things you need to know as a musician so that it can help you in your music industry. Some you will need to embrace them in your skills in producing a unique style of music. Purchasing a pedal is not just enough but in depth knowledge is your key to realize the good tones for you to use.

Making manuals your best friend

Even if you are a top rated musician, the need to read manuals is very essential in spicing up your music. You know the real value after reading your manual and knowing more on the functionality of your pedal. Knowing features helps you to know which tone are the best in your music. A manual helps you understand the basics in settings and things that are within your control while using.

Taking a good care on your tools

It is good to maintain and put your equipment in the right order. Mishandling of your items with no proper care will always cost you. You will have to keep on replacing your pedals if you fail to set good ways of ensuring they stay safe. After use, learn to unplug your items from the power supply so that they are not spoiled with excess power.

Knowing your pedals well

On a new distortion pedal, before you dial, set up to its defaults. This can depend highly on the setting either to noon or zero. It is a kind of factory set that you need to know as the first thing when handling the pedal. You can look for the effect you need after dialing the tones.

Learning from the videos

Videos can be a great source of learning if you want to know more on pedals. The step and step guide leaves your mind with unforgettable ways of using the pedal effectively. Through watching you get   to experiment more on how to produce great sounds.

A backup power

It comes to help you when power goes off unexpectedly. You are always ready with another power that will help you proceed with your music. It is a bad show up when audience are waiting for the songs then there happens to be a power break off. The backup supply comes in and helps you to continue with your music.

Setting the guitar to the best volume gives a sound that people need to listen to. Going for the best sounds will always give you the best variety. Be wise on how you select your sound so that you never lag behind in the music industry.

Take your good time and practice using two pedals. It gives you more levels in distortion to play with and experience the world of using more pedals in your sounds. This also gives you the chance to extract these 13 very helpful tips above as you proceed to discover more varieties on the tones available


Reading through the tips given opens your mind to a variety of tones required. The distortion pedal helps you a lot to get this tones in variety. It helps your mind to become more productive on which tones to select and can fit your music.