It is a known fact that fruits and vegetables are food items that are necessary in order to have a good health, as well as to ensure that the right nutritional levels are met. However, many individuals, especially children, have difficulties adding such into their diets or meals. The thing is that in order to be successful in producing delicious and commercial-like smoothies, people should follow certain recommendations from experts, as well as from housewives who went through such difficulties but successfully overcame the situation.

The very first important thing to consider when making homemade smoothies is choosing the right blender. This does not necessarily mean that they have to buy expensive blenders produced by manufacturers that have been around for years. They can also buy brands from new manufacturers if they want to. The best thing that they have to do is to evaluate the product scrupulously. They can do so by reading reviews and testimonials, as well as ratings from experts and previous or current users. The good thing nowadays is that people can easily find information about the different blenders that they can consider buying. That is because of the power of the internet. In fact, there are already a lot of websites focusing on blender reviews and ratings. Some even have their blender comparison chart for easy scanning and comparison.

Similarly, the type of ingredients or produce that is to be used should also meet certain criteria. Ingredients are actually the main “building blocks” of a perfect smoothie. Obviously, it is inevitable that people use raw fruits and vegetables that are fresh. That is due to the fact that if they are not fresh, they will have a different texture and taste. Both of which will surely affect that final taste of the homemade smoothie. Nevertheless, people can also use frozen fruits and vegetables if they want to or if they do not have enough time to regularly buy fresh produce. Such frozen products are also usually added by smoothie makers in order for such to be thick enough in consistency. They should only make sure that they are buying the ones that have long expiration dates and those that still look fresh. The milk to be used is recommended to be either fresh milk, cow’s milk, or soy milk. Nonetheless, they can also use other liquid milk products if they want to.

When adding ice in the homemade smoothie, many experts suggest that it should be placed during the blending process and not after. Such is due to the fact that such technique will maintain the coldness of the smoothie produced. Cold smoothies are more preferred since they taste better. Additionally, as they get warm, they tend to separate into layers which may make them look unappealing to kids. Nevertheless, makers should also control the amount of ice being used. That is because of the reality that ice is also water, which can dilute the smoothie. In addition to such, some mothers also add food coloring products to the smoothies during special occasions. Such will add more appeal, especially to kids.