Teenage years are where more of us discover ourselves – what and who we really are, our best qualities, what we want to do, and even who we want to be with.  Getting intimate with someone is pretty normal – sometimes inevitable even. When you start seeing someone, you will feel uncertain of a lot of things, and you will wish you had someone to tell you the dos and don’ts in dating.

Dating is actually fun. You get to know more about the person, while discovering traits you never knew you had as well. Being with that person, spending time with each other makes you feel like you are actually part of something new, something good for that matter.  Every day is exciting and all until you find yourself falling for that person, and that is where the anxiousness starts to butt in. You get attached to the person, and he/she may be feeling the same but you just both have no idea where you stand in each other’s life. That is why it is important to know the bases in dating that you wish you know when you start dating; here is a simple know hows on dating.

Bases in Dating

Yes, there are bases. A base is a metaphor for sex and other sexual activities where just like in baseball, partners try to get home. Some of you may have heard and even familiar with this, and since you are here, it’s probably time for you to know more about bases of dating.

First Base

This is actually the most exciting of it all. It involves sweet and harmless kissing driven by emotions. It may not be that extreme, but it’s actually a way to see (or taste *wink) if there’s a spark between the two of you.

Second Base

Of course it starts to get more intense. You watch a movie together, and boom, the next thing you know you are already starting to kiss. Kissing, this time, is more extreme, involving touching and rubbing breasts, waist, and anywhere above it. Intense, indeed!

Third Base

This base seems to make your heart beat faster than ever. This is where things start to happen below the waist, like touching and playing of clitoris, vagina, and penis. It involves oral sex, like blowjob and other techniques that stimulates the intimate parts. This is quite more intense, but this base does not involve any penetration, yet.

Fourth Base

Known as home run, this is where things that you think were unimaginable happen. You are actually going down there and having an intercourse. As much as it is just a social construct, this is where people say that they have lost their virginity.

While getting more intimate each time is actually quite exciting, keep in mind that these bases should not be the basis of a relationship. Take note, too, that whatever you do, you should have each other’s consent. The bases mentioned should not be the only goal but to make memories that you two will always cherish. After all, a relationship should be about being happy together and respecting each other’s boundaries. Know more about bases in dating and other dating tips (and metaphors!) at https://dateandsimple.com/what-are-the-bases-in-dating-a-beginners-guide-to-dating/