I always believe that every appliance has pros and cons, especially to the kitchen appliances at home. If you are a wise and smart buyer and user, you will first find out the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen appliances that you will buy. That is to make sure that it will suit your needs as well as gives you more advantage. In terms of advantages, I usually focus on them before I buy any appliances to make sure that it will really meet my standards and needs. Of course, there are some disadvantages, but like what I said, I always balanced them together, the pros and cons. If I think the pros are too accurate for my needs, and the cons are not really bad enough for me, then I will choose those appliances. Well, in this article, we will check out the pros and cons here of using the induction cooktop in cooking our food. Before you will decide to buy or choose the best induction cooktops, then consider first to know the advantages and disadvantages here.

Advantages of Induction Cooking

Since this induction cooking is popular today in some countries like Europe, Asia, and the United States, there are now many people discovered the great benefits of this kitchen cooking appliance.  In terms of efficiency, induction cooking offers efficient energy saving to your electric bill, heat efficiency that heats faster compared to the electric and gas stoves without producing too much heat on the kitchen surroundings, efficiency in terms of cooking time that will make you do other important jobs at home. This induction cooktop is also easier to clean compared to gas stoves and electric cooking appliances. That is because there is no small spaces or small corners that you can find on the top surface of the cooktop that makes it be clean free. This is perfect for those people who have busy work and have no more time to clean their kitchen appliance after cooking. In cleaning the induction cooktop, you will use the small amount of cooktop cleaner to the paper towel and clean the surface of the cooktop. Also, you can use the microfiber cloth to wipe and dry the surface of the cooktop. It is recommended to clean the cooktop once it is cooled down. Another benefit to consider is the design of the induction cooktop. It has a sleek, compact and modernized design that will suit to the modernized kitchen appliances and mostly, offers a portable and user-friendly feature that could be an advantage to everyone who loves to cook while in the office, outdoor or indoor activities. In terms of safety measures, this induction cooktop offers overheating protection, countdown timer, fast cooling feature, child lock feature, automatic pan detection system, low and high voltage warning system, and the diagnostic error message system. Combining all these advantages, surely you will choose to buy this induction cooktop for your safe and healthy cooking.

Disadvantages of Induction Cooking – Induction cooking have also disadvantages and one of them is the noise that it produces through the cooling fan. This cooling fan makes a vibrating sound that some people are not comfortable hearing it. It is said that the pots and pans may produce the whistling and buzzing sound, but some of the people are not affected by it. Some reports said that the 2 or 3 hours automatic shut-down is a hassle, getting used to the temperature and settings are difficult if no compatible cookware will not work, and expensive enough in buying full-size range of induction cooktops.