Sui-San, Thanos’ mother, tried to kill the newborn Thanos because he was afflicted with Deviant Syndrome. What is Deviant Syndrome? Was it the reason why Thanos was driven to rebuild the universe? It is time to get the facts.

The history of Thanos was dark and chaotic, the same as his future.

He was born different. He was a newborn child whose life was in peril in the hands of his mother Sui-San, all because he was born with the deviant syndrome.

What is Deviant?

The history of Deviants dates back before the Eternals. It is when the Celestials collected the Homo erectus – ape-like beings and known as the Wanderers of the Earth – for experiments, creating humans, Eternals, and the Deviants.

Nezzar the Calculator created the Eternals; hairless, upright tall beings, more like the children of the Gods. They are immune to time and death and can tap into cosmic powers.

Oneg the Prober created humans out of the Homo erectus; the final race. The human race is formed with a true-balanced structure and disposition. His kind can both destroy and build the earth he inherited. Humans are also known to promote peace between races.

The Deviants were the first result of the experiments done on Homo erectus after Ziran the Tester mutated them with an unstable genome. Their destabilized DNA is always changing, classifying them as a destructive failure.

For years, the Deviants were the dominant beings on the planet. However, their reign stopped after the Celestials returned and slaughtered several of their races. The surviving Deviants went into hiding. They plotted revenge against the Celestials and the favored race, the Eternals.

Is Thanos Deviant?

Deviants are physically distinct with their monstrous appearance and superhuman abilities. Even though Thanos was born with a purple-hued skin tone and similar appearance to the Deviants, he was born from the Eternals.

Thanos was born from two Titanian Eternals: Sui-San and Mentor (A’lars). Thanos is both an Eternal and a Deviant, carrying two genes of two races. However, Sui-San did not accept that his son has Deviant Syndrome. So, she became Thanos’ first enemy and tried to kill him as a child. However, A’lars stopped her from killing their child.

Thanos as a Deviant

Deviants are known as “the changing people” because of their ever-changing DNA. Most of them have odd skin color, distinct monster-like appearance, and evil traits – different from the Eternal’s physical beauty and god-like abilities.

Deviants’ abilities include:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Accelerated healing
  • Fire breathing
  • Immortality
  • Matter transmutation
  • Superhuman speed and strength
  • Mesmerism

Deviants’ intellect and mutation powers evolve faster than humans, enabling them to dominate the human race.

Thanos, having an odd appearance, high intellect, and deviated moral compass, can be classified as a Deviant; one of the factors that makes Thanos stronger than most of the Deviants is his Eternal gene. Thanos, an Eternal and Deviant, can demonstrate superhuman speed, strength, and stamina. He can also absorb and project vast cosmic energy, similar to Eternals or the Celestials, themselves. For this reason, Thanos is dubbed as one of the strongest beings in Marvel-Verse.