A triathlon is a kind of race that includes three different stages: swimming, cycling and running. There are four main different types of a triathlon. The shortest being the Sprint and the longest is the Ironman.

Completing the race from start to finish is not as easy as it looks. Add to that the training that an athlete would have to undergo, many people tend to step away from this kind of event, not knowing that joining a triathlon has more benefits to your health and wellness than you can imagine. It gives you a whole-body workout.


Swimming would help you improve your upper body while running and cycling will strengthen your lower body. The training itself would help you develop lean muscles, tone your body from head to toe, and strengthen each and every part of your body. It helps you lose weight healthily. Unlike other weight-loss programs that would make you starve yourself, you would be shedding pounds in a healthy way through joining a triathlon. You would be able to see a difference when you start training.


After longer workouts and training, your body becomes stronger and you’d be able to have the energy to shed even more as time passes. It helps reduce the risk of injury. Compared to just working out for a single sport, training for a triathlon allows your body to develop in many different parts. Stress on a certain body part would be reduced with a balanced regime.


The training for triathlon distributes the stress in different parts instead of just one particular area as what usually happens in other training. This would make you injury-free for a long time. It helps you feel and look younger. With the help of the healthy diet you would be in and the workout you would be going through, there is no doubt that your skin would look like time has just stopped, preventing your skin from aging. And, of course, you would feel much younger, too.


The strength you would be getting and the stamina you would be having after doing those helpful training would allow you to compete with younger athletes. The most important thing is that, you won’t just live like you are ten years younger, you would even live ten or more years longer. It boosts your self-confidence. Finishing a triathlon, whatever the type, is a very challenging task. You would need to go over hurdles and through obstacles that not a lot of people can.


Once you finish your first race, you would feel more confident as you have achieved something that only people who work hard can. In conclusion, joining a triathlon will not only provide you with a certificate or a trophy, or even a medal, when you complete it successfully, it would also improve your mental and physical health. Triathletes claim that their lives have become better overall since they entered this kind of competition. You can know more about triathlons and things you would need for the sport at http://www.besttriathlongear.com/best-triathlon-bag/ .