The modern century lifestyle has introduced a sleeping giant of a problem that is somewhat difficult to deal with considering the modern context. Sitting these days is prolonged due to the demands of corporate and even school life. While sitting has long been a regular thing that people have been doing throughout history, modern lifestyle, unfortunately, stretches sitting times and consequently made sitting a dangerous problem, a health risk that’s considered by researchers as unhealthy as smoking. It’s a serious health problem that not only damages the spine’s health but also has plenty of somewhat unrelated effects including heart attack.


To counteract the detrimental effects of sitting on a person’s health, certain measures have to be observed. A lot of modern offices these days are incorporating adjustable tables to let their employees stand for a few minutes while working. Ideally, it should be a one-to-one ratio. Realistically speaking, however, having to sit for an hour and then standing for the next hour would be too much to ask. Working while standing up is, unfortunately, something that feels weird and might eventually affect work productivity negatively. Sadly, even regular exercise would be something that most people today can’t adhere to.


The good news is that there are other ways to deal with an ailing back due to sitting. And this is by going to massage therapists on a regular basis. Yes, this will cost money, obviously. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to the services provided by a massage therapist: massage chairs. Yes, a chair counteracts the negative effects of sitting down. But make no mistake about it, massage chairs are on a whole different level compared to conventional chairs. In fact, there’s really no point in comparison as even the most expensive and comfortable office chair is unable to match the comfort and health benefits of a massage chair.


Massage chairs are designed to provide better weight distribution, essentially taking away considerable downward pressure on the spine. It’s more along the lines of a recliner with massage function than a normal chair. Understandably, due to its usual price tag, massage chairs are considered by many as a luxury item. But considering how people are unable to live their lives if they were told not to sit for eight hours or more, a massage chair is practically a necessity. It’s the same thing as buying a refrigerator in order to prevent food from spoiling, a modern fixture that one should never take for granted.


For those who are considering of buying one, there are several things to consider first before placing an order. Price is obviously one of those. But there’s more to it than just that. Some massage chairs have convenient features that aren’t found in their cheaper counterparts. To get the best out of one’s money, it’s highly recommended to find a helpful review site and check this out for any existing reviews on massage chair models in question. Choosing a popular brand is generally a good idea. But avoid brands that are obviously adding too much premium to their brand’s popularity.