Eating healthy food is of prime importance to one’s life since what we eat is whom we become as our life progress. The modern world is keen on healthy food items and healthy cooking habits to prevent health-related issues. Cooking methods have been improved to limit unhealthy contents like oil to a minimum extent. Air fryers are introduced since the last decade to ensure properly cooked food and avoid overcooking. It is a wonder product of the modern world that utilizes hot air flow to cook your food. Thus there is no risk of burnt food or overcooked food that is bad for health. The best thing about this kitchenware is that it utilizes no or very little oil to cook food yet it retains the original taste and crispiness of food without using oil and compromising your health.

The air fryer has become a hot selling item since it invents a decade ago and it has seen many changes too that came over the years to its design and cooking technology. New and improved automated air fryers are available in 2019 which are also very efficient and cost-effective. You can study more about these wonderful products at

Best air fryer for your kitchen in 2019:

When we talk about air fryers, there are many different kinds and designs that are available at different price points. Hence you may get confused in deciding the best air fryer for your kitchen. In this article, we will review one of the best air fryers that you can opt for in 2019.

Philips Twin Turbo Star Technology XXL Air fryer:

Philips is a well-known and trusted brand for all sorts of kitchen products especially electric and automated items that have made our life easy for many decades. Philips Twin Turbo Star Technology XXL Air fryer is also one of the most modern and advanced products that you can use to make your cooking very easy and accurate by its excellent cooking process, Let us discuss some of the key features of this product:

  • The Philips Air fryer XXL uses hot air to fry the food like chicken and potato chips all the way to most tender form and cook your favorite foods with little or no added oil to make it more healthy and delicious.
  • With a 3lb cooking capacity, you can easily make delicious and healthy food for the whole family on a daily basis. It can fit in a whole chicken or a bag full of fries without any difficulty.
  • The air fryer does not need pre-heating like conventional ovens it is instantly hot and ready to go whenever you need it. It can save time and start cooking right away with one click.
  • Includes a Quick Clean basket that comes with it as standard that collects all the drained stuff after cooking. It also comes with removable non-stick mesh so cleaning is fast and easy. The removable nonstick coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe so you can easily clean it by soaked cotton or normally washing it with tap water.