Quilting is one of the most well-loved fabric art. You were probably inspired by one of your family members or friends to try this craft. However, quilting seems like a challenging work for a beginner. It can get frustrating and time-consuming. Moreover, you have to show an effort to learn this skill.

Some individuals are discouraged to try to learn quilting because of the intimidating work. If you can’t do quilting projects correctly on your first or second try, don’t quilt immediately. What you need is a simple guide teaching you everything a beginner needs to know about quilting.

You can hire a person to teach you how to quilt. But if you don’t have the budget for it, ask guidance on reliable quilting tutorial sites such as the Sewing Machine Club.

The Sewing Machine is a website that teaches and guides beginners in quilting. This source provides you with all the info you have to learn about quilting from choosing fabrics, creating a pattern down to sewing. If you have no idea how to start quilting, the Sewing Machine Club is your best source of info.

Now, one of the toughest parts of quilting for newbies is creating patterns. Thus, to help you go through this process successfully, here are the basic quilting patterns perfect for beginners.

#1 9-Patch Pattern

This quilting pattern is easy to follow making it ideal for beginners in this craft. Once you prepared your sewing machine and fabrics, create a pattern of nine big squares. Sew the blocks together but make sure to give an allowance of 1/4 inches for the seam.

#2 Double Irish Chain

The Double Irish Chain is composed of big blocks of square arranged in a unique pattern. After cutting the fabrics into squares, lay down the pattern to check if the pieces of fabric are on the right place before sewing.

You can go to the Sewing Machine Club to see examples of a Double Irish Chain.

#3 Jelly Roll Jam

Another basic pattern for beginners is the Jelly Roll Jam. You will need strips of rectangular fabrics for this pattern. You can also buy a quilting kit with jelly roll pre-cut fabrics to save time in cutting out small pieces. After preparing the pattern, start sewing the small pieces of fabric.

Some beginners find this pattern a bit complicated since you’ll have to piece together small fabrics. You can go to the Sewing Machine Club to see how a Jelly Roll Jam pattern must look.

#4 The Herringbone Pattern

This quilting pattern uses rectangular strips of fabric which are sewn together diagonally to create a herringbone appearance. You can also buy herringbone pre-cut fabrics in the market.

Buying a pre-cut fabric is much convenience rather than cutting strips of fabric by yourself. It will help you to save time and effort in doing the project.

If you want to take a look of an example of a Herringbone pattern, visit the Sewing Machine Club.

As a beginner, use simple quilting pattern in square or rectangular shapes. You can try other shapes like triangles and hexagon once you perfected the basic skills.