Gun holsters are every gun owner’s best friend as they offer a solution to their gun carrying headaches. Having a gun holster is important as they get to access the guns whenever they need to and they are also assured of their safety.

Gun holsters have developed from mere designs to get to more advanced instruments that are more useful and safe for gun owners. For instance, you can have an open carry or a concealed type of gun holster. The big question is which works best and why you should choose it for the other one. This post will help you learn why the Urban Carry G2 is right for you.

The waist holster and the below the shoulder can be said to open carry type of holsters. this is obviously because anyone who is keen can actually spot that you are carrying your gun along and knows where it is on your body. This type of holsters makes it easy to access your guns and you can do this is not time and fire back at attackers.

This type of holster is ideal if you want to keep away from trouble; a slight view of it and people with ill intentions will walk the other way. On the other hand, showing that you are armed is not always a good idea. People tend to feel uncomfortable around you and you might also be the first target when someone with a more superior gun wants to commit a crime.

For the concealed carry holster the idea is to hide it from others such that only the gun owner knows that they are armed and where the gun is. These include the ankle or the Kydex type of holster. This is important if you do not want many people to be in the know that you are actually armed.

It might be important to hide a firearm because you do not want to draw the attention of others or even scare them. You might also just want to hide it so that you catch someone you are pursuing unawares.

The only downside with these type of holsters is that it sometimes gets difficult to draw your gun when you actually want to. This might inconvenience you and your safety is not usually guaranteed especially if it is deeply concealed.

It is also important to consider what the law says when it comes to the way you are allowed to carry your gun around. Some regulations do not permit open carry and you might easily get onto the wrong side of the law just because of your brand new gun holster. The above illustration also helps get to know the upside and downside of each type and you can consider what you want before getting a particular type of gun holster.

Wrapping up, the above article points out the distinct features that come with either a concealed or an open carry holster. There is a slight difference as seen by their appearance by what they offer varies greatly, but the decision is entirely yours whether to get an open carry or a concealed gun holster.