Before going on a road trip, make sure that you are equipped with the right equipment for the long ride. Bring a 120-volt tire inflator so you can travel with ease and arrive at your destination on time. Moreover, having this equipment stored on your trunk would give you assurance especially when riding with the family.

Take note that searching for the best tire inflator is tricky and confusing. There are several brands of this item on the market. Likewise, each of these brands has unique features which make everything a lot confusing. Then, how can you find the right tire inflator for your car?

What you have to do is to follow this guide for buying a 120 volt tire inflator and check out the top five paramount features of this equipment.

#1 Size and Portability

Some air compressors are too bulky and heavy to bring on travels. Moreover, a large tire inflator is a hassle to transport and use. Thus, when selecting an air compressor to buy, take in mind the size, dimension, and portability of the product.

It is best to select a tire inflator that weighs around 8lbs. Such weight is not too heavy to transport and carry around. Likewise, choose an item with the right size that can fit in your car’s trunk. One of the best brands that are perfect for long-distance travel is Goodyear i8000 120v- Direct Drive Tire Inflator. This item only weighs 8lbs and does not consume a lot of cargo space.

#2 Power and Performance

Tire inflators also differ in power. The amount of power an air compressor has affects its performance and time of inflation. Hence, as you keep on browsing for a tire inflator to buy, take into consideration the PSI rate of the product.

If you are searching for a powerful air compressor, look for items with power ranging from 125 to 150 PSI. Examples of tire inflators with this feature are Porter-cable C2002 pancake compressor, Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, and Goodyear i8000 Direct Drive tire inflator.

#3 Oil-Free Pump

Most tire inflators utilize oil pumps to work. However, the leading brands of this item like the Porter-cable C2002 pancake compressor features an oil-free pump. This feature supports machine longevity and low maintenance. Thus, using this type of device means you don’t have to replace the equipment after a few years.

#4 Versatility

As you already know, not all tire inflators are capable of pumping air into different tire sizes. If you are searching for a versatile air compressor, find out first if the product can inflate all tire sizes. Tire inflators with this feature usually have a higher power rating and work fast. Also, checking out product review sources would help you to identify whether the product has this feature.

#5 Pricing

If you are searching for a budget-friendly yet a high-quality tire inflator, you can find it here at the Car Addict. This website links you to the best-seller air compressors that are best for your money. All you have to do is visit their official website for details.

Be ready on your next road trip! Get a tire inflator to experience a fun and exciting travel without the hassle of getting a flat tire.