Induction cookwares and Induction stoves nowadays are taking over the kitchen in a lot of homes and restaurant. Some may not be familiar with an induction stove. But this became popular as it is easy to use. There are some induction cooktops that are digital and some are automated. Depending on the type of food that you will prepare varies the type of cookwares and kitchen tools that you will use in the kitchen. Not all kitchen tools and cookwares can be used in the induction cooktop.

What cookwares to choose?

There are a lot of varieties of cookwares that you can buy out in the market and sometimes it is very difficult to choose which one to get. One should consider the budget, the size and the brand of the purchase and sometimes a person needs help with picking the best induction frying pans. But it is also important to consider the compatibility of the cookware in whatever stove you will use.

Why are induction pans different?

In induction cooktops, a person cannot use any kind of pots and pans. Due to its unique feature, one must use cookwares that are specifically for induction cooktops. These cooktops are made with magnetic material; thus, this is needed as an induction stove works with its own system. Cookwares that are specifically used for induction cooktops will produce electrons from the magnetic material. These electrons will move around and will create an electric current which will then generate heat to the pan. There are some cookwares that are compatible to both gas and induction stove. Example of these is the cast iron and stainless steel cookwares. The cast iron is made with a magnetic material so it is good to use it for induction stoves as well. Stainless steel cookwares are easy to use as it is very light. But keep in mind that stainless steel has different thickness that those other cookwares in the market.

The quality of the food will depend entirely on the skill and the cookwares being used. In thinner cookwares like stainless steel, it usually heats up faster; the heat then will not be evenly distributed. Rapid change of temperature will spoil the quality of the food.

One of the most recommended stainless steel cookware that is compatible for induction cooktop is the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 12-Inch Skillet with Helper. One of the downside of using a skillet is that when it is heated, the handle will also be affected. With this item, you will not have to worry about it. The Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Skillet is made with cast-stainless-steel handle which stays cool even though the skillet is heated in a higher temperature. Also, it is designed tapered rims to prevent drips. Although it is made of Stainless steel, this is designed to evenly distribute the heat around the skillet. The Cuisinart 12 inch skillet is made with an aluminum core in between stainless steel interior. With the layers on both the sides and bottom, this will provide even distribution of heat.