For many Marvel fans, the Iron Man seen on MCU is a different version of what they have come to know in the comic version. Find out the differences between MCU Iron Man and the Comic version of Iron Man right here.

Iron Man is one of Marvel’s earliest characters. Marvel always had difficulty translating each of the characters from comics into films. The backstory is hard to depict on the big screen and please viewers. Moreover, constraints such as budgets, time, and artistic licenses often bar the creators in perfectly portraying each character.

MCU did not fail its audiences and fans in portraying one of its popular characters on the big screen. It shows that many Marvel fans were satisfied with Iron Man’s character. The movie was so successful that it gained more fans.

While the Iron Man movie was a success, Marvel enthusiasts couldn’t help but notice the huge differences in the character’s portrayal in the movie from the original comic version. Here are some of the differences you probably didn’t notice in the Iron Man movie from the comics.

#1 Number of Armors

Iron Man is well-known for his loads of specialty armors. He has more than enough armors, wherein each one is suitable for specific occasions. In the comic, it is his life and powers.

Iron Man’s armor in the MCU is incredible and looks better in appearance than what is seen in the comic. However, the number of his armor in the MCU is not much as portrayed in the comic version. Moreover, each of his suits has a unique design in the comic.

#2 Unlikable Character

Although Iron Man was popular, it does not mean he was the most likable character in the comic version. His fascist character, who loves power the most, did not appeal to Marvel fans. He was one of the least likable characters in the comic version.

However, the MCU did a magnificent job of giving the character a good background story. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance likewise significantly redeemed the least likable character in the comic.

#3 Subverting Association with Government 

In the comic version, Iron Man embraced working with the government. He became the Secretary of Defense and supported the President to make decisions in protecting the US. After the Civil War, Iron Man became the Director of SHIELD but unfortunately lost it.

Iron Man in the MCU did the same, but he tried to subvert any associations with the government. He worked with SHIELD but never embraced it similarly in the comic version.

#4 Civil War’s Enemy

Those who never read the comic version will certainly experience a rude awakening that the sympathetic Iron Man in the MCU is absent in the comic. Comic version Iron Man is perhaps the worst character in the Civil War. He worked with the villains and betrayed his friends, which caused their imprisonment in the Negative Zone.

#5 A Humorless Iron Man

Iron Man of the Marvel comics has no humor in his bones. Although he is not averse to humor, he won’t be seen giving witty comebacks.

MCU Iron Man, on the other hand, is a completely different character. He could deliver humor and sarcastic jokes, which likewise helped improve his personality.