Are you new to Fallout? If yes, here are some of the most important details you need to know about this fantastic universe as you dive in. 

Escape – it is the reason why many fall in love with games. It gives people a chance to be in a world where they can bend things in their will. Some dream of being a hero and build a reality that they can control. Not to mention, it is great entertainment. It also hones your tactical skills and creativity.

One of the most popular types of video games is a role-playing type game. It allows the gamer to choose a character who they feel closest the most, personality-wise, and what the intensity of the game demands. Each gamer has a favorite character to play.

Over the years, countless role-playing games were born. But among these games, perhaps one of the classic and still popular nowadays is Fallout.

Fallout Key Facts

Fallout is a role-playing game with a post-apocalyptic genre, which attracts adolescents to adults. The universe was created by Interplay Entertainment and produced and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Currently, the game has launched6 role-playing games with titles, Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. It also has one squad-based tactical RPG combat spin-off, an RPG dungeon-crawler spin-off, and a simulation game.

The Set and Storyline

One of the appeals of this role-playing game is its artwork. The game is heavily influenced by the post-World War II of the 1950s. Hence, it gives off a steampunk vibe, which is perhaps one of the reasons why many steampunk fans are drawn to this game.

Although the game’s artwork illustrates steampunk aesthetics, a timeline of Fallout is after the 22nd century. The storyline begins with the US trying to use fusion power that leads to the country becoming hegemonic and non-reliance on petroleum. However, the US did not achieve its goal until 2077 after a conflict on the Pacific Coast with China.

It ends with a nuclear exchange that prompted the post-apocalyptic world where the game begins.

The game takes precedence over the facts and context of the storyline. Its landscape, the pieces of equipment, creatures, and many more are designed to follow the concept.

The Games 

As mentioned above, the game has six main role-playing games. These are the games that all beginners should take one by one. While going along with the game, check the spin-offs of Fallout world. There are a total of four spin-offs, which are all based on snippets of the main games.

The good thing with Fallout is the additional games it offers. The producer released five tabletop games and quests to let gamers engage more with its world.

The Merchandise

Fallout game accumulated millions of dedicated fans since 1997. It has also accrued massive sales globally.

As a fallout fan, or if you are on the path of being one, you wouldn’t dare miss out on awesome gifts for Fallout fans. The game released incredible merchandise from action figures, cosplay costumes, board games, apparel, and many more. These merchandises are available on online platforms such as Amazon and physical stores.