Whether you intention is to race, concentrate on sports activities or to just simply get good as a rider; endurance, strength and speed are three of the most vital mechanisms. A sensible base level of fitness as well, a strong determination and the capability to focus and stick to a plan are the things that you will need. It may sound overwhelming, but at the end of the day it’ll be all worth the massive satisfaction you’ll get in seeing the rewards of your hard-work. Aside from this you’ll achieve the heartfelt afterglow of a difficult training session as you put effort towards the achievement of your goal. Keep the following advices and you’ll be well on your way.


 Improving endurance will take countless hours of riding your bike over a period of time. There are no shortcuts, but if your training is more directed and done in a smart way and you are more than determine to push yourself to the limit then there’s no need to spend an excessive amount of time quaffing out the miles.

Ensuring you are properly fuelled up before tackling the extensive miles is important. Make sure to have a decent pre-ride meal or breakfast and a stock of food, energy products and something to drink to get you throughout your ride. Keep in mind to fuel up often and in little quantities during these rides, to make sure your glycogen stores are loaded up. It is ideal to top up every 20 minutes to half an hour on a four hour ride.

To sustain a steady tempo, remember to pace longer rides. Go on a relaxed pace for the first third of your ride that is fairly easy to uphold before assessing whether you can up it a bit and push on. Once you approach the last third of your ride, try to push your pace even more, not right away but at a pace bordering on rough but still bearable.


 There are numerous ways on how you can improve your strength as a rider, both on and off your bike. However, take a look at what your goals are first before going to the gym. If what you’re after is to improve your sprint and race frequently, then your strength training will be quite different to a normal rider who simply wants to complete his or her first ever sportive.

Incorporating strength training while you’re out riding can be easily combined. Whether you’re out on a short precise ride when you focus on this component or interposed on a lengthier endurance ride, it can be combined. You can do short sharp sprints for 10 second from a slow speed with the use of a hard, high great that you can feel levies a load on your muscles, which will give you something hard you can push against.


 Every rider wants to be faster than they already are. You can definitely improve with hard-work and application movements.

If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands, you can try the three or four minute exertions into your lengthier rides. After you’ve done a good warm up, ride as hard as you can for about a minute using a level stretch of road before slowing down and continuing on. Once you start getting fit, you will be able to add more into your ride, but for an all-out result , make sure to rest for at least 10-15 minutes before repeating the exertion.


 Combining your training and not get into a rut is the key in order to see improvements on your strength, speed and endurance. Make sure to have variations on your training, you’ll find it psychologically motivating as well, especially when you’re starting to see the results of all your hard-work.