What is bad branding? Learn the common branding errors and how they affect the business. 

Brand and branding are two common terms often heard in business marketing. A brand is a combination of name, symbol, design, tag line, and many more that identifies a product, service, or company.

Branding, on the other hand, is the process of creating a brand. It shapes the image of the company or goods in the consumer’s mind. Simply put, branding is how the business differentiates itself from competitors.

Creating a brand is essential in all types of business models. Whether you are planning to create a physical store or start an online business, building a powerful brand is detrimental to the success of your business.

The internet is a good source of free business marketing tutorials and branding tips; for instance, Emily and Blair is an example of an online source where you can find an immense collection of comprehensive entrepreneurial guidelines. Unfortunately, many still commit mistakes in branding. To avoid such errors, learn these common branding mistakes that could jeopardize your business.

Mistake #1 Branding for the sake of branding

It is a huge mistake to create a brand just because every business should have one. Branding for the sake of branding will never help your business. As a result, you may end up creating a brand that does not represent its purpose.

Understand the significance and purpose of branding.

From there you will learn its importance which could help you create a powerful brand. If after researching you could not come up with one, don’t rush yourself. Not every business needs branding on the dot, like small online businesses. Remember that creating a brand takes time. You might get inspiration from your target consumers and as your business keeps growing.

Mistake #2 No Consistency

Good branding all comes down to consistency. It is an essential element of effective branding. It is easier for target consumers to get more familiar with the brand if all your marketing channels are harmonious. Moreover, consumers can quickly recognize your brand from competitors.

Deviating from the brand’s image will only lead to confusion. Although there is nothing wrong with changing brand image if the first one failed, you need to remember that the new image must remain consistent with the brand’s identity. For example, despite changing the product’s packaging, the consumer should still be able to recognize your product at one glance.

When building a brand, make sure everything coincides with the business’ identity. The advertisements, tagline, and brand logo should complement one another.

Mistake #3 Branding for the Wrong Consumers

A brand should attract the market segment it is dedicated to. If the brand is not appealing to its intended consumers, then the branding is a failure.

Your brand must capture the attention of your potential consumers. It is what can help you gain sales and revenue. Thus, before branding, make sure to identify your specific target market segment. From here, you can start building the brand and prevent creating ones that target the wrong consumers.

Mistake #4 Lack of Unique Identity

As stated before, the brand is the unique identity of the business. It is what separates you from the rest. Thus, it is important that your brand is unique and stands out from competitors. By having a unique brand identity, consumers can easily recognize your product and services.