Having purchased a brand-new amplifier, the next thing you’ll probably think is to buy an amplifier wiring kit. Of course, an amplifier won’t work without its wiring. You’ll these wires to connect the amp to other devices such as speakers or home-theater systems.

For sure you are already wondering which amp wiring kit is the best buy in the market. Well, the truth is, there’s different amp wiring kit options in stores. Choosing one amp wiring kit can be an overwhelming task for a beginner. Plus, there are lots of things to consider. One of these factors is the RCA cables.

What is an RCA Cable?

The RCA connector or cable is an acronym for Radio Corporation of America who first used this wiring in the 1940s. The function of this cable is to connect phonographs to amplifiers. Today, RCA cables are connectors for composite video and component.

A standard RCA cable comprises three color-coded plugs wherein the one end of the cable connects correspondingly to the three colored jacks on the back of the television or a projector. Thus, if a stereo is connected to an amplifier using this cable, it will maximize the volume of the music playing on the speakers.

What are the Uses of RCA Cable?

HDMI cable is the most advanced connection wirings nowadays. However, most individuals still prefer RCA cables.

An RCA cable can connect various type of devices into another equipment such as an amplifier or a speaker. Aside from transferring the audio or video, this cable also enhances the quality of the media.

The reason why RCA is preferable for some people is that you don’t need a computer to connect it to another device. When using an HDMI, you still have to plug in the cable into a computer to connect with a speaker or a projector. With an RCA you can plug it directly, and the cable will transmit analogue fast considering the cable’s quality. That’s why you’ll have to get an RCA cable for car amps and speakers.

How to Choose an RCA Cable?

You can buy an RCA cable is a part of an amp wiring kit. But of course, you have to consider these factors before buying this cable.

1. Type of Materials- When selecting an RCA cable, take note of the connector’s material. Ideally, the best option is gold connectors rather than silver and copper. Gold cables work better as connectors and prevent oxidation. However, it is more expensive compared to the latter two. On the other hand, if you are looking for an RCA cable with excellent electrical conductivity, it is best to select a silver connector.

2. Length- A long cable is not the best choice. It has a negative effect on the signal quality of the wiring. It is wise to select an RCA cable with the length that you need.

3. Robust Shielding- Do not choose an RCA cable with poor shielding. It may cause an electrical mishap or worse, start a fire.

Before buying an amp wiring kit, always consider your choices. Better yet, ask help and guidance from the Sound Certified to guarantee an excellent buying decision.