If you are a photographer or still an aspiring one, there are lots of cameras that you have to choose from. To capture the most beautiful scenes and moments in your life, you do not have to get the latest model of DSLR-type of cameras. You can actually settle for some other types, such as those mirrorless cameras from a known manufacturer like Sony. In this particular classification, there is also a wide range of models. Among these are the Sony Alpha A6000 and A6300 but there is a whole lot more of these similar products. If the two mentioned models are confusing you on your final choice, the best way to come up with a decision is by comparing one from the other and trying to find what suits you best.

Before we compare Sony a6000 vs a6300 in accordance to the features of a camera, it would be of great help to look into them individually first. The Sony A6300 is considered to be every inch worth of a camera upgrade. This particular camera is said to have the fastest auto focus in the world with its 0.05-second speed. In addition to that, Sony Alpha 6300 has continuous shooting up to 11fps that is joined with exposure as well as autofocus. Its body is generally made out of magnesium alloy that is proudly weather-sealed. It may contain difficult tasking but its new features and overall improved performance make it worth. Almost the same with Sony Alpha A6000 but the notable difference is basically on the speed.

Despite the advancements in its latest version, the Sony Alpha A6000 is still an amazing camera as a whole because of the minute differences from the A6300. It is still generally fast and the quality of its auto focus, images, and videos is still beyond the ordinary. Though it is not as lightweight as digital cameras, it is also not as big or bulky as a DSLR, but the quality of its photographs is more or less the same with that of any DSLR. Any experienced photographer can capture extraordinary moments with the portability of Sony Alpha A6000 and quality of a DSLR.

One of the ways to look at Sony Alpha A6000 and A6300 better is by comparing them in relation to certain camera features. When it comes to the score of the max effective ISO of each camera, the former has 1347 while the latter is said to score 1437, making A6300 the winner in this aspect. The Sony Alpha A6300 can provide a slight improvement in the control on light temperature situation than the A6000. This can be seen through the white balance presets of each camera. In terms of the AF points, the phase and contrast detection points of A6300 definitely won the round because of its advancements. Other features, such as the LCD screen, video resolution, battery life, and some more goes to A6300. To learn more about these specifications and find the better one, browse the internet and see for yourself.