The Walker Edison Soreno is one of the growing furniture brands in the market; and if it comes to desks, the company offers an efficient, easy to install, and ergonomic furniture desk design. If you are looking for spacious and ergonomically designed desk furniture, why not take an honest look at the Soreno 3-piece corner desk design? Below are the top things to love about the desk:


  1. The corner desk is designed with a sleek black glass of two separate tables that can be installed in L-shape.
  2. The glass is well-polished and tampered with safety glass surface
  3. The frame is coated with black powder making the desk sturdy
  4. The desk is designed with sliding keyboard and has a separate CPU stand
  5. Easy to assemble
  6. The desk is designed with an overall depth of 51 inches; 51 inches width, 20 inches depth, and 29 inches height.

Below are the pros and the reasons that will make you love having this type of desk:

  • Efficient workstation

One of the best things about the desk is its appearance; it can be used for practical uses such as for working and gaming purposes. The desk is also ergonomically capable, which means the desk is designed to provide the user a comfortable workstation.

  • Stylish

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is designed with excellent style, where there is a combination of modern and contemporary touch. If you are a minimalist, the design, the style, and the color can complement your current interior. Also, as a minimalist, you do not need to worry about adding an extension to place all your important working things since the desk has enough space to cover your computer or laptop, documents, landline, fax machine, printer, and more.

Additionally, the color of the desk is not tacky or too bright, which means it can blend in with whatever interior design you have. Plus, the L-shape design of the desk can work with any size of the room since it can be placed at the corner or in the middle of the room.

  • Great desk for gaming

If you are a certified gamer, who needs a desk that can work as a workstation and gaming station, purchasing Walker Edison Soreno is the best choice. Additionally, having this two connected tables allows you to maximize your gaming and working space, which is relatively convenient for anyone who needs a table that allows them to become productive.

Final Thoughts

The market has several working desks to offer, however, only a few of them are capable of providing the same efficiency that Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner desk can. If you are looking for reasons why you should buy this type of desk, you may try to visit Computerdeskz’s website anytime and read some reviews. Choosing the right desk can be very challenging, but if you are looking for a desk that can be used for personal or gaming purposes, you really have to check one of the growing furniture brand – Walker Edison Soreno.