Most families who own a rocking chair bought one because they’re having a baby, whereas some gained one as an heirloom. Regardless of how you got one, it is important that you also provide extra attention and care to a valuable piece of furniture.

Any wooden furniture goes through a significant amount of damage over the years. In the case of a rocking chair, its moving parts are susceptible to wear and tear, as well as breakage. Once you see signs of damages or any broken parts, you have to fix it immediately. If not, the damage will get worse, and it might get unrepairable.

Repairing a rocking chair is not that difficult once you’ve down the basics. If your rocking chair requires some fixing, follow these steps below.

Step #1: Check the Damage

Repair is not always the best solution. Sometimes buying a new rocking chair is way better and less expensive. If the damage on the chair is too much, you might have to spend more instead of saving money. Likewise, some damages are too grave that the furniture will not even last for a year.

Ask yourself, ‘is the rocking chair worth saving?’ If it is an heirloom, you’ll probably do everything to fix it. And there’s nothing wrong with choosing to fix a damaged rocking chair if it is valuable to the family.

Step #2: Collect All the Appropriate Tools and Equipment

If you are set on fixing your rocking chair, make sure to gather all the basic tools and equipment you will need to repair the furniture. Also, prepare some varnish or paint for the finish.

Step #3: Fix the Broken Joint

For broken joints, carefully apply wood glue on one end of the broken joint and attach the other broken end. Make sure both ends are in solid contact with the glued portion. Use a wax paper to protect the wood from the glue and prevent it from spilling over.

Step #4: Use the Clamp 

Install the clamp to secure both joints and keep them firmly affixed. The clamp must be over the wax paper. Let it stay for approximately 14 to 16 hours to assure bonding strength. After the curing time, remove the clamp and unwrap the wax paper.

You will notice some hardened glue on the chair. You can clean it by sanding. However, be careful in sanding away the hardened glue to prevent damaging the wood finish if you are not planning on repainting the chair.

Step #5: Look for Other Damages

Fix any other damages such as splinters and broken parts. Also, make sure to tighten loose screws and bolts to ensure the chair is stable.

Step #6: Apply New Finish

Give your rocking chair a new look by repainting it. There is a different process on how to refinish a rocking chair. You can browse around here to find out the basics of applying a new finish.

More Advice

Not all individuals have a knack for DIY projects. If you are one of them, there’s no shame in admitting you’re not good at it. Better leave it to the hands of a skilled person.

If you’ve got more questions about repairing a rocking chair, don’t hesitate to check out this source.