Month: September 2019

Cats and Happiness

Your life can be stressful at times. There will be days that you do not feel the best and your productivity is low. There are times that you feel sad and gloomy due to a variety of reasons. In these times, people try to mitigate that sadness or gloominess by doing something that can bring happiness into their lives; even if they are small or big. One of those things that make most people happy are those that is precious to them such as their loved ones; ranging from your family to your friends. But something that can be considered as your family is your pets.

Pets can be your source of happiness. They can be your companions that can spend time with you. Some of them can be little balls of cuteness; they can be huge, huggable fluffs. Whichever they are, they are some happiness that you can acquire. Pets can range from a different of animals; from birds to cats and dogs. But one of the most elusive and cute pets that you can have are cats.

Cats and Cat love:

Now cats are everywhere; even on the internet. If you want to gather with your fellow cat lovers, then you can just search for blogs or websites that loves cats. One of them is ObeyMyCat.

Obey My Cat is a website that provides information all about cats, cat care advice, cat care product reviews and so much more. The website owner is named Aaron Stark, who is a dedicated cat lover. The goal of his site is to share the love for cats and all that he understands about these felines.

Some important information that you can find in the website are about potty training and litter boxes. Litter boxes are important for cats for this is the place where they defecate and pee. The website has different reviews of a variety of litter boxes that are available in the market. The website even has reviews of some newer technology of the litter boxes like automatic litter boxes that cleans itself and makes it more convenient than the normal ones.

Another set of articles that you can read in this website are information about cat care. The site has an article about the best food for your cat when the cat has a sensitive stomach. That is something that a dedicated cat lover will know and it is a very valuable information to have. Moreover, other than that article, the website also has articles like the best cat feeders that are available in the market; whichever kind it is. Thus, if you want to learn a lot of information about cats, this is the place to visit!

However, even though this site is a wealth of information, this is still not a replacement for a veterinarian. If your cat is sick, you can follow some of the website’s advice but it still advice for you to visit your vet to learn exactly what your cat is feeling and they can treat it more properly. In the end, you are responsible for the health of your cat and you can make use of the information that you know and help your cat by providing the best food, material and health care to it. In return, the cats give you happiness and entertainment for your busy and stressful lives.

The Best Head and Scalp Massage Devices Today

Normally, people would visit a masseuse to get a massage. After all, they are trained to snuff out the sore and other muscle pain away from our bodies. There are times that getting one would be an inconvenient thing to do, owing to the fact that they’re not always expected to be around you. In this situation, one should try a head and scalp massager. It’s recommended that you check out the review made by Massage Gear Guide. A site offering reviews for an extensive range of massage products and equipment, Massage Gear Guide’s review featuring eight different head massagers is a good reference for you when buying one. These great head and scalp massagers are handpicked as among the best the market has to offer for you.

1. DEDAKJ Hair Scalp Massager

Easy to hold, the ergonomic design of this massager is a plus to its straightforward controls. It has a simple rechargeable scheme, coming with a charging port, which is a convenient feature since you can just take it off to use and reattach quickly after use. The charge offers long-lasting use and the silicone head massager is designed to be skin-friendly, but some users have reported that the massage heads were a bit too hard.

2. Tezam Head Massager

A compact and durable device, this massager can go with you wherever you go, due to its accommodating shape. The comb-shaped massager requires little maintenance to keep going, and runs on 3 AAA batteries. Despite being cost-effective for its size and portability, it suffers from a loud noise when it is turned on; and, as the review might say, one would feel more of the massage on one’s hand than on the head.

3. USAGA 20 Head Massager

Made of metal and tipped with rubber beads, this 20-headed massager may look ungainly at first; but the massager looking like a claw, when used, will give you a thorough massage on your head and your scalp. An uncomplicated massager, this has no electronic components and is portable, making this a perfect handy massage tool; though the rubber beads at the tips can get easily dislodged or removed.

4. MAXSOFT Hair Scalp Massager

A user-friendly structure makes this massager suitable for all ages, and one can get a good grip on this one even when wet. You can actually run this massager from your scalp and run it down through your hair! Its soft massage head can go deep enough to soothe out your scalp. However, there is a possibility of the rubber getting detached, and the massager can get tangled with your hair too.

5. IKEEPI Scalp Head Massager

A lightweight massager, this one can prevent hand fatigue from prolonged use and handling. The portable massager comes with two different massage heads for your different needs. With all these advantages, however, is the fact that the charge is not that long lasting.

6. Heeta Hair Scalp Massager

This massager is easy to maintain; there is no battery needed and all you have to do is massage your head and scalp with it. It has a reliable waterproof build and a one-year warranty. An attachable string can be latched in order to conveniently store this massager. Feel free to check the silicone massage heads though, as some has reported it to be a bit too hard.

7. Breo Portable Mini Scalp Massager

Built with a rechargeable built-in battery, the Breo Massager is waterproof and slip-resistant; which makes it the perfect companion in the shower. Unlike other massagers built for this purpose, this one does not usually get tangled with your hair. Do take note on the long charging time though.

8. Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager, 2 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Helmet Massager

An innovative brainchild of Breo, this massager would make you look like you’ve donned a VR helmet; only that it’s massaging your head and soothing your eyes in the process. Boasting a battery life good for a week and being easy to manage and adjust when on your head, this massager is perhaps the best one you can get; though such technology can come with unnecessary problems that could arise that other simpler massagers would not get.

Whatever your choice, it’s great that Massage Gear Guide gives its readers the criteria that a person can use along with the preferences when choosing a head massager: you can have the helmet type or the handheld type; the different actions of the products’ massage heads; and waterproofing. Either way, it is hoped that all your muscle pain and body sore would be sent packing whatever your choice of a massager would be; all of the featured products are available in Amazon for everyone’s convenience, so get yourself one today!