Swimming can be really fun especially after a long day or week where you just want to swim your stress and tiredness away. Having your own pool at home is such a convenience until it’s clean up time and cleaning your pool sometimes cost you so much. Even skimming things that fall into your pool is expensive unless you decide to do the cleaning by yourself. It may be laborious, but investing with the right equipment like pool skimmers will surely make thing simpler. If you have been looking for the best value for your money automatic pool skimmer, then might as well check this review of innovative skimmers from Pooltronix.


Robert Kay, owner of Pooltronixs, developed the website that aims to provide all updated information, news, advice, and reviews of anything related to swimming pool cleaners. They make their reviews as interesting and detailed as possible, discussing how products differ from the other models and brands. For automatic pool skimmers, they have made a review of two of the most interesting models they have come across.

Innovative Automatice Pool Skimmers

Solar Breeze NX2 Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

One of the great things about this cleaner is it is solar powered. It is covered with solar panel that is the main source of power of the entire device. Unlike other cleaning device powered by batteries or connected to electric source, Solar Breeze NX2 does not consume electricity and with this, you don’t have to worry about tangled cords. This device will do its thing on its own, cleaning up the surface of the pool from dirt and leaves without any human input. Aside from it is environment friendly, this robotic solar cleaner also saves you time for it is easy to operate and consistent that just keeps running until you no longer find any dirt in your pool.

PoolSkim Automatic Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

This product might be the most effective pool cleaner available in the market today for it makes cleaning a lot easier. If you have been looking forward to a hassle-free cleaning, then PoolSkim may be the one for you. It saves you from using batteries or any other external power source. It is an attachment to your water filler that creates suction. This effective venturi suction draws and skims surface water, freeing it from any floating debris like leaves and bugs. It is made of PVC and urethane and its net is durable that makes it last for years.

There are other efficient pool cleaners available today and this two guaranteed to be effective pool skimmers are only some of them. There are also several options and ways to clean your pool and each comes with different features and even negative aspects. To avoid ending up wasting money for cleaners that won’t even work for your pool, it is important to do some research and know what your pool actually needs, depending on its kind and size. You may also visit https://pooltronixs.com/automatic-pool-skimmer-reviews/ for more insights.