The world today loves games. Games can range from physical activities like sports, weightlifting and hunting. However, there are also games that involve the colorful world of technology and computers. These are video games. These games are usually played in a computer or another device called a console. These games can be fun and can bring happiness to the one playing. But that is not the only feeling that the person will experience. That person will experience sadness, anger, frustration and a whole more range of emotions that is conveyed by the game he is playing. In this way a video game is a medium of entertainment that one can experience.

Since a lot of video games are played on a set-up, the best optimization possible would make the experience better. When you play these video games repeatedly, your body gets used to what you do and gets better at the games we play. But, having the best set-up possible would make your life even easier and will make your gameplay better.

One of the biggest games of late is fortnite. Fortnite is a battle royale game that involves a hundred players that compete to be the winner, similar to the hunger games. They drop in an island, compete for better loot, then go out and try to be the last one to survive. One unique aspect of the game is that it has a building system where you can build your own walls and platforms to either protect yourself or put yourself in a position of advantage. This brings a lot of fast paced and exciting gameplay. However, every second count in this game and having optimum equipment and set-up could bring you the upper hand. What could make the difference between winning and losing is a split-second. That split second can come from your finger clicking the right button or a movement of the mouse. However, if your settings tend to make your computer less optimum or laggy, then that could cause you the game. If your controls don’t make your fingers comfortable when playing, then that could also cause you the game.

Who is one of the biggest gamers of Fortnite?

One person that has played the game is Shroud. Shroud is a popular streamer that plays a lot of First-person shooter games. He also really good at battle royales and that includes fortnite. When you watch his gameplay, you will see split-second decision making and awesome plays. You can see him move his quickly to hit precise shots and move really precise to defeat his enemies. The audience watching will be at awe at the way that he is playing and might wonder how on earth he is doing this.

Shroud plays games and streams for a living. As a streamer and a gamer, he has optimized his controls and settings to his comfort. He also has high end equipment that helps him get the better edge. Fortnite Nexus, a website that contains guides and Pc setups that helps improve gameplay, has listed shroud’s set-up for fortnite which are the controls and game settings that he uses. They also placed the computer set-up of shroud. The equipment that is used can affect your gameplay. It is definitely a good read; Click to read more.