Messenger bags, also known as courier bags, are called such because of its design. Originally, messenger bags have been used by mail couriers and were designed specifically to allow the person using the bag to carry mails and other small items conveniently. Today, messenger bags are no longer just utility bags for carrying things – they are considered fashion icons. Messenger bags now have transcended from just being carriers of things; they have become part of men’s fashion statement.

In order to find the best men’s messenger for your money, consider the following before making the purchase:


The kind of material used has an impact on the durability of the messenger bag. High quality and durable messenger bags are water-resistant. The outer materials for expensive ones are usually made of pure leather from cowhide. Cowhides are chosen because they are tough, and they are readily available in the market.

The not-so-expensive ones are made using imitation leather, otherwise known as faux leather which is simple plastic produced to resemble real leather. Bags made of faux leather are cheaper and more appropriate for daily use.

Another material commonly used to make messenger bags is canvas, a material that is very versatile because of its durability. It is washable and therefore keeping it clean all the time is easy and convenient. One of the reasons why messenger bag producers and designers like canvas is the fact that it is easy to come up with printed designs when using canvas. For this reason, trendy messenger bags with prints and designs are usually made of this material. Canvas, however, is not water proof so if the bag will be used to carry mobile gadgets such as laptops, it is important to make sure that the inner lining is made of water proof material.


Also important to be considered is the inside of the messenger bag – the kind of material used in particular. The common materials used for the inside lining include thick canvass or vinyl waterproof tarp. The inner lining also serves another function aside from keeping water from sipping in. Inner linings provide structure support for the messenger bag. The stronger the inner lining, the sturdier the bag will be. Inner padding also helps maintain the structure of the bag.


Messenger bags come in many different designs and styles because users of messenger bags come from all ages, professions, and walks of life. Messenger bags are also called by other names, such as sachel, mail bag, saddle bag, military bag, camera bag, and briefcase. They are basically the same though, they are bags with straps and they are carried over the shoulder, and they are preferred by men for their functionality and style.

Since common users of messenger bags include students, young professionals, and now that messenger bags have become fashion icons, even executives, specific designs appropriate for specific users have become more important than ever. There has to be perfect fit between the user and the messenger bag and to ensure that this will happen, it is imperative that before buying one, knowing how it will be used and where it will be used will make the decision to choose one design over another easy and hassle free.

As a takeaway, when choosing the best messenger bag for your money, consider always what’s important to you before making the purchase. Is it style? Durability? Material? Quality? Constriction? Functionality? Price? When you have the answer to these questions, choosing the best one will be easy.