Month: May 2018

How Computers Impact Our Lives Negatively

There is the saying that everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. This statement applies also to computers. While computers help in making life a lot easier for us, we can’t ignore the fact that the use of computers also has their negative effect on both our health and on the environment. Computers play a major role in different areas of life such as in medicine, construction, communication, transportation and also in the manufacturing. The everyday use of computers by nearly 70% of people in the world has raised the questions on whether or not there are limitations to the everyday use of computers and the truth is that there are.

One way computer has impacted negatively in the world is that it has led to a rise in unemployment globally. This is mainly because most tasks performed by humans in the pasts are now being performed by computers in the form of robots. This is common especially in the manufacturing industries where processes that were formerly handled by humans such as packaging and transportation are now been assigned to computers.

Computers also pose as a major distraction to a lot of people especially teenagers and youths. They spend countless hours daily playing computers games or chatting away on their mobile phones without doing anything positive. This has greatly affected their academic performance of many students across different parts of the world. Social media on its own is a big distraction as the younger generation spend more time Facebooking, twitting or liking photos on Instagram. The time spent online on social media daily can be a lot more rewarding if channeled to a more positive activity.

Another problem with computers is data security. People can easily get access to your computer and personal information through your computer networks. In addition to this, hackers also steal credit card information from unsuspecting people online and rip them of their hard earned money which is mostly termed as online theft. This act is growing more popular around the world and both the information of individuals and business can be easily accessed by a third party especially when there are no security measures in place such as a firewall.

Computers waste products and manufacturing procedures are causing serious damage to the environment. This is because the waste part, especially from computers, leads to the release of harmful toxic materials which impact negatively on the environment.

Another downside of using a computer is that they affect the human health negatively. The prolonged use of a computer can lead to disorders or injury to the hand, back, elbows, neck, and eyes. The prolonged use of computers in a poor sitting position has its own effect on our health over time. The best way to avoid this will be to get a computer desk at  and also ensure that you take occasional breaks when working on your computer.

The benefits of computers greatly outweigh the drawbacks, but it is important that we are aware of the disadvantages of computers so that we can take necessary steps to avoid getting into problems while using a computer.

Sexual Harassment Prevention In The Office

There are a lot of problems that arise from workplaces where there are plenty of repressed sexual tensions. More troublesome than work-related disputes, sexual harassment can put a permanent dent in office professionalism. Unlike work-related issues that come and go, it’s hard to recover respect lost from instances of sexual harassment.

Preventing sexual harassment is absolutely necessary to keep office integrity intact. Of course, the effort in removing this malice from the workplace starts with each person. Even from someone who is more likely to be the victim instead of the perpetrator.

Avoid Double Standards

It’s hard to fight against sexual harassment if the victim is prone to pushing double standards. Sexual harassment happens to both genders so it makes perfect sense that the motivation to stop it from happening should be from all angles, not just from a woman’s or man’s perspective.

Although it’s easy to think that we’re not prone to double standards, everyone has the intrinsic capacity for entertaining their biases. A person who has double standards will find it hard to confront a sexual harassment issue if the same thing is thrown back at them and rightfully so.

Emphasize Professionalism in the Workplace

Even with the office evolving into hip and cool open offices, professionalism should be held in high regard. Sure, the office should not have an air of absolutely boring colleagues. But a fun workplace doesn’t have to have any taint of sexuality.

As a cog in the wheel of a company, it’s absolutely important to establish professionalism from the get-go. While there are indeed perpetrators who are still persistent in pushing their malicious agendum, at the very least, an air of professionalism deters those who are dormant in their likelihood of committing sexual harassment.

Confront Potential Issues

Assertiveness is the key. Even outside of the workplace environment. In the confines of a corporate workplace, addressing issues of sexual harassment as they come is absolutely important to keep everyone on the same page. Confrontation might not sound like a pleasant experience, but it’s going to be a bigger problem if issues like this are treated like an elephant in the room.

If sexual harassment rears its ugly head, make sure to let the HR department know about it the soonest time possible. Or, if the person who committed it is someone who’s considered as a personal friend, open it up for discussion and set boundaries.

Take Legal Action

Unfortunately, not all sexual harassment issues are resolved with calm conversations and HR mediations. When this happens, taking the concern to a higher level is probably the next logical step.

Maybe it’s time to talk with a lawyer and discuss possible legal actions against the perpetrator. Before doing so, it might be a good idea to check out websites and look for helpful advice on how to tackle the issue. It’s not that difficult to find these types of websites, thanks to the Internet.

It’s a whole new different ball game when the matter is taken to the courtroom. Find a helpful article and read this post to increase the chances of being victorious in the case.