Do you know what MVP is? Do you know how its numbers can affect you? Do you know what to do when you have a MVP problem? Well, we should begin with discussing about your blood. The human blood contains three types of cells: red cells, white cells and platelets. Platelets are the cells responsible with stopping the bleeding from cuts. They go around the cut and clog the area on the damaged vessels so that you don’t lose any more blood. It is important for all of us and for our health to schedule an appointment with the doctor and have a complete blood count run. The CBC shows everything that is important for the doctors to know about our blood cells and their count; in case something is not right, they can at least apply the right treatment for the specific situation. One of the tests that is run during the CBC is called MVP, which stands for mean platelet volume. The MVP shows the measures of the average sized platelets in your blood. If the results shows high MVP, this means that your platelets are too large or at least larger than normal and this is an indicator that there is something happening in your body which requires medical attention. So, if you wanted to read how to test for a high mean platelet volume, you found the answer: you need to run a complete CBC.

What does a high MVP mean? Is it dangerous? Is it serious? Unfortunately, a high MVP is a sign of something very serious taking place in your body. A high MVP shows that your body produces too many platelets and this can be as result of a number of things. High MVP is associated with a low platelet count, which shows that your platelets are being destroyed by something and your bone marrow is struggling to compensate. Increased MVP is only associated with platelet activation, which might take place when your platelets encounter a tumor. In other words, you might be suffering from a form of cancer. Of course, high MVP doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from cancer but still, there is a chance for this to be the case so the best thing you can do in a situation like this is to seek for medical help. Go to a doctor, discuss around your CBC results and do any tests that your doctor suggests. It is important to prevent a severe diagnosis or to treat the condition while it hasn’t reached a severe state yet than to try to do something when the condition is already spread in your entire body. I understand that the idea of suffering from cancer is scary and I also understand that a high MVP cannot put a diagnosis like this by itself but there is a chance for the cancer to be the problem and you should absolutely ask for medical help as fast as possible. After all, it is for your own good!