A fitful sleep could actually be caused by your bed. Yes, there is no strict consensus as to the attributes of a good bed. It usually depends on certain factors such as the person’s body shape, size, and weight. The choice likewise depends on appeal, budget, and cultural influences. If you sleep fitfully, waking up feeling sore than relaxed, perhaps it is time to consider buying a new bed or mattress.


Every so often, you need to replace your mattress to get a sleep better bed. Manufacturers and chiropractors recommend a change of mattress between 10 to 13 years. Mattresses on a sprung base are recommended to be replaced every 12 to 13 years. Those on flat-slat bases or no-spring bases have a shorter lifespan and would need to be replaced in 10 years.


A really good mattress is a small investment for health. Sleep is an essential to stay in the pink of health. Sleep deprivation is not only unhealthy for the body; it affects one’s disposition and mental processes. High statistics of road accidents have been linked not only to drunk driving but also to sleep deprivation. Depression is bound to develop when anxiety is complicated with sleeplessness. Thus, buying a good bed that helps you sleep better is not just a matter of choice; it is also vital to keep the body in optimal health.


If it is time to buy, here are a few tips and guides to remember:


  • The budget.


How much can you afford to spend on your new bed? To have a good idea about you choices, browse the Internet. Find out the kinds and brands that your budget can afford. Canvassing online is a great way to save time and effort. This allows you to cut corners by finding out what brands and models you must be checking out in the retailers’ stores.


  • The shortlist.


Using the product reviews, compare and contrast the features of those brands and makes that fall within your budget. Make a cost-benefit analysis before drawing a short list.


  • The linens.


The issue of bed linens may seem minute, but it has been proven time and again that the choice of bed linens can actually have a bearing on how well a person sleeps. As you know, bed linens are comprised of sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and comforters. Bed linens made of silk is probably the most comfortable type for your bed, and you can read detailed reviews of silk comforters online. The reviews would certainly help you make informed choices when deciding which ones to buy.


  • Physical validation of the choices.


While online purchasing is an acceptable mode of shopping these days, it is still best to have the actual feel of the bed before paying for it. It is ideal to try lying on as many beds as possible. A study suggests that lying on the bed for 25 to 29 minutes can likely end in the right choice.


  • The return policy and warranty.

Check the warranty and the return policy. There is always that small chance that it could be a defective product and need to be returned; remember to read the fine print in the warranty.

A good “sleep better” bed can be hefty, but basic for a good night rest. Do not leave everything to chance; ensure that you are getting the kind of bed your body deserves from the investment you are making.