Choosing the right power tools for DIY or for some project at home you would want to start is not easy if you are not well-versed about the differences and uses of the tools. Finding the right one for a specific task can be challenging. There are a lot of different power tools out there and they have specific uses. Check out a quick overview of the different tools and how they work.


Power Drill


This is one of the most basic tools you should have at home. This tool is used as screwdrivers by attaching ‘bits’ to it that match the screw you want to work on. It can also be used to drill holes in surfaces or things by attaching ‘drill bits’. You can use it on metals, wood, plastics, bricks, concretes, tiles and glass.


There are two kinds of power drills; corded and cordless. The corded drill is lighter and more powerful. However, the cordless drill is more convenient to use when making a project where there are no nearby sockets to plug in for power.


When choosing a power drill, you should consider its power, weight, and mobility. Look for one that allows you to choose the speed setting. You would need high speed for small diameters while a low speed should be used for larger diameters.




This tool is also a handy one at home. It is used to cut wood easily. Some models would allow you to change the blades and adjust them for different shapes and thickness.


There are many kinds of saws but two of them are the most commonly used at home; jigsaw and circular saw. A jigsaw is usually used to cut curved or circular patterns on thinner wood. A circular saw is more powerful and is used to cut timber into straight cuts. For jigsaw, look for the tool that would let you easily changes blades and control the speed. In a circular saw, it is important to consider the cutting capacity and its power.




A sander is a tool that is used to smooth the surface of a wood, remove paint and sand metal. This tool makes sure that the surface of the material you are using is plain and free of materials sticking out of it.


There are two kinds of sanders; belt and orbital. A belt sander has a replaceable belt that can be adjusted to use various grit sizes. It is great for removing paint and other materials from the surface. An orbital sander on the other hand, uses sheets of sandpaper and can work on corners or edges easily because of its rectangular shape. This tool is more recommended for finer sanding because it is easier to control. These are just some of the basic tools that you can have at home. They are very handy and easy to work with. That is why that are the recommended power tools for beginners. You can check out the best power toolz to see other useful tools.