If you really want to be into kayaking, then this guide can help you. There might be some queries that you want to clear out and it pays to really understand what this sport is all about before engaging into it.


The different types of kayaking can be very confusing to you. You might come across the terms “whitewater kayaking” as well as “flatwater kayaking” and wonder how these two differs. Well, whitewater kayaking refers to a type of kayaking that is done in rapids. Hence, expect to perform difficult kayaking techniques on this one. It is not ideal for a newbie who is still starting to learn the basic kayaking techniques. On the other hand, flatwater kayaking is the one that is performed in calm bodies of water, employing the recreational styles of kayaks. If you are new in kayaking, the latter is the best one for you. Even for those with little instructions or no experience in kayaks at all can do flatwater kayaking. However, if you want a more challenging type of kayaking, opt for the whitewater one. But take note that this requires prior experience, in depth understanding of the instructions and certain kayaking equipment.


Of all types of water activities, why would you go for kayaking? Well, there are many reasons behind this. In fact, there are too many of them to mention one by one. But the ultimate goal in kayaking is to come up with a superb way to exercise. Your system can benefit a lot from the consistent paddling activities of kayaking, not to mention the touring stroke that can be a great aerobic exercise. If you are doing the correct paddling technique, you are working on numerous muscle groups of your body, specifically the abdomen, shoulders, and glutes.


Apart from exercise, you also have the chance to explore the waters. Don’t forget that the Earth is composed of 70% ocean. And the best way to explore this biggest part of the planet is through kayaking. Personally witness the rivers, bays and lovely coastlines and feel the tranquil beauty of these sceneries that you are about to behold. And with the help of a kayak, you can drift to bodies of water that boats cannot go, thanks to its shallow drafts that makes such exploration possible.

With kayaking, people from different walks of life are attracted to one another. Hence, the sea is considered to be a great leveler. When everyone is out to the sea, egos are forgotten as everyone learn new skills and build team spirit while meeting new friends.


If life to you seems so busy, kayaking can be your escape. If you want to rewind and want to escape the demands of work and family pressure then go out and explore the sea through kayaking. And yes, this is the healthiest marine sport. After all, as you paddle on the water, you don’t need to deal with fumes and noise. And it is a delightful thought that you will be in a company of people who are just like you, mostly those who advocate for environmental safety.