For pool owners, finally getting a robotic pool cleaner is definitely heaven-sent. This useful equipment takes away the drudgery of cleaning the pool manually. In fact, pool cleaning is bound to make some pool owners regret having a pool in the first place. Thankfully, with a handy pool cleaner to do the cleaning and maintenance, pool owners can get back to spending more time dipping in the pool.

However, one of the things that need to be said about buying a robotic pool cleaner is that it’s a considerable investment. But it does cost a hefty amount if one aims for models that are top quality. Still, there are brands and models out there that are worth less than their price tag. Knowing how to get the best robotic pool cleaner for the money requires some sleuthing around the Internet. The best bet for being a more informed buyer would have to be reviewed by other customers. However, before diving into reading said reviews, it’s better to first get a good idea about the qualities that make a good pool cleaner. Here are some that most consider essential.

  1. Four wheel drive

Pool cleaners are generally capable of climbing the sides of pools. Unfortunately, there are some that are treading a fine line between efficiency and failing to stick to the pool walls. Robotic pool cleaners that are pushed only by two wheels may be saving power when on a flat surface. But they work harder when it’s the side of the pool’s turn to be cleaned. A four-wheel drive robotic pool cleaner is a more versatile and safer option. It’s also a good idea to go for ones with wider wheels.

  1. Swivel cords

Newer models of robotic pool cleaners come with swivel cords, which is good news for pool owners. The innovative use of swivel cords provides more flexibility and mobility to pool cleaners. It also effectively increases the area that pool cleaners are able to cover. Swivel cords also drastically decreases the likelihood of tangled cords. Needless to say that it’s generally wise to stay away from models with fixed cord attachments. Only on the exception of the pool being relatively a small one.

  1. Brush quality

The entire point of using a robotic pool cleaner is to clean the pool’s surface effectively. The brush attachments of pool cleaners must be sturdy enough to handle the cleaning task. Some models of pool cleaners use rubber, while others use hard bristle. One good tip on keeping the brush in good shape is to always store the robotic pool cleaner on its caddy. This prevents the brush from constantly being in contact with a solid surface. Otherwise, bristles might bend permanently.

4. Corner sensors

One of the most annoying quirks of older models of robotic pool cleaners is getting stuck in a corner. With new features such as sensors added to recent models, it’s no longer causing any problems. This feature might net additional costs, but is important to have.